Its close unique location to the Nativity Church, around 400 meters, makes walking to the Church an enjoyment. The panoramic view offered from the Hotel shows the old city of Bethlehem with almost all its Churches.

To the east, the view is open till the mountains that surround the Dead Sea. In a clear day you might see the Mountains of Jordan on the other side of the Sea. In the same direction, less than two kilometers away, you are able to see the Shepherd's Field.
The structure of the Hotel is very meticulously designed. The dining room is very wide and comfortable to the visitor. The food is prepared by a very special team expert in eastern and western kitchen. As well the team is ready to meet any special requests, like vegetarian food, pork free or low calories plates.  
The team is supervised by the owner of the Hotel directly. Mr Marzouq Marzouqa a 70 year old businessman, heading a group of engineers and expert people in the tourist services. Every detail is being followed up directly by the administrative group trying in this way to avoid any inconvenience or shortfall that might affect the satisfaction of the guest.view

Marzouqa Tourist Investment Company

The rooms design included double bed, triple bed, four bed and suites; 6 suites
are available for very special guests.

The rooms are wide, giving a nice feeling of convenience to the guest. The furniture is luxurious wide single or double bed, designed for a warm feeling of safety and comfort. A TV & Split Unit Air Condition were installed opposite to the beds in every single room. Hot water is available in the bath room 24-hours a day. The bathroom is sterilized up to the recommended standard after every departure. An up to date quality control is guaranteed.

65 Luxurious Wide room capacities.







The Lobby


The Bar




Open spaces from the inside



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