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A Feeling Of The Old City Of Bethlehem

The place where Jesus Christ was born is touched every where in the scene. The Bells of the Nativity Church are located opposite to your eyes when looking through the windows of The Nativity Bells Hotel.

Its close location to the Nativity Church, 8 minutes, makes walking to the Church an enjoyment. The panoramic view offered from the Hotel shows the old city of Bethlehem with almost all its Churches. To the East, the view is open till the mountains surrounding the Dead Sea. In a clear day you might see the Mountains of Jericho. In the same direction, less than two kilometers distance, you are able to see the Shepherd Fields. Looking to the North you can see St Elias Monastery located at the south hills of Jerusalem.

The Nativity Bells Hotel offers 70 wide up-to-date rooms that give the feeling of comfort and convenience. Double bed, triple bed and four bed rooms are available to the choice of the guest. Six suites furnished with special luxurious pieces are ready for special guests.

A TV and a split unit air condition operated with a remote control are installed in every room, giving you the chance to create the atmosphere that suites you in your room. The bathrooms are sterilized up to the recommendations after every departure. A professional quality control is guaranteed.

The structure of the Hotel is very meticulously designed. The dining room is wide and comfortable to the visitor. The food is prepared by a very special team expert in eastern and western kitchen. As well the team is ready to meet any special requests, like vegetarian food, pork free or low calories plates.

Three cash ATM machine are available less than 100 meters far.
Wireless internet connection is accessible in every point inside the Hotel.
Laundry and dry clean departments are available within the Hotel. An indoor parking is located in the underground floor within the building of The Nativity Bells Hotel.


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